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The Colorado Springs Chamber Music Society had the finest musicians in town, some of the finest in the country, during 1972 - 1974.  They were musicians from the N.O.R.A.D. Band, US Air Force Academy Band, and Denver Symphony Orchestra.  Most had advanced music degrees from great universities around the country.

The list below (concert date order)  includes each musician who played in at least one of the 5 major public performances.  Many musicians played in multiple concerts.  You can view the PDF of each concert program that lists the musicians performing in that specific program.

Be sure to visit the RECORDINGS page and listen to some of our extrodinary audio recordings.

Michael Paul Gibson
Conductor and Music Director



Tenor Saxophone

Candace Walts

Richard L. Carnright

Rick Torgerson

James Glazebrook

Laurence W. Reeded

Baritone Saxophone

Phylyss Spicer

Bob Dunn

Lary Marynak


Ray Bissi

Trumpet - Cornet

Michael Schultz

William McIntyre

Allan Eberhardt

Phillip Rose

Bruce Krasin

Rolf Johnson


Rick Torgerson

Robert Lane

Karen Robinson

Lee Barnes

Ronald Stenson

Susan Smith

Bob Schempf

Dan Schmitt

David Sherman

Carol McAnulty

John Irish

String Bass

Earnest Gonzales


Larry Hutchinson

Chuck Bogner

Kimon Swarts

Ifram Wolfolk


Douglas Hartman


John Reid

Harry Bell

Kathy Marynak

Charles Neal

Michael Gibson


Robert Byron

Rick Crafts

Patti Grandel

Richard Carnright

Arnold Schafer

Jimmy Coleman

Charles Pishny

Jeff Smith

Ann Dunn

James Housack

Baritone Horn

Bruce Krasin

French Horn

Roy Ayala

William McIntyre

Dan Gress

Harry Vulgamore

Richard Carnright

Fred Hebert


Kathy Marynak

Bruce Johnson

Parker Merril

Bond Anderson

Robert Haughey

Jeff Nelson

Allan Wolf

Jerry Montgomery

Eric Saffell

Pat Bigler

Louie Stout


Furn Tuttor

Mike Phillips

Brad Stoffer


Susan Schmitt


Lois Schultz

Robin Blankenship

Craig Oakley

Michael Schultz

Soprano Saxophone

Gail Spahr

Lani Spahr

Bruce Krasin

Michael Schultz

Tom Watts

Alto Saxophone

Sandy Schaefer

Ovie Hanson

Al Gregory

Paul Dickenson

Rolf Johnson (muted tr)

Mike Hancock

Randy Honecut

E-flat Clarinet



Lee Barnes


Laura McIntyre

Artistic Personnel of  CSCMS

Recording Engineer

Original Artwork

Board Members

Kirby Stewart

Richard H Young

Bond Anderson



Raymond Bissey

Janice Graham

Richard H Young

Robin Blankenship

Charles Margason

Patty Snell

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson

Whitley Andrews

Rolf Johnson

Cover Design

Sharon Andrews

Craig Oakley

Janice Graham

Technical Director


Richard H Young

Mark C Russell

Jan Wright

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