Michael Paul Gibson conducts Brahms 4th Symphony

Michael Paul Gibson conducting the Foothill Orchestra in Smithwick Theater

Review by Keith Kreitman -

Recording of Tchaikovsky's 5th by Foothill OrchestraJune 6, 2000 [view entire review]

Dear Michael,

I have listened to your CD of the Tchaikovsky 5th. In fact, I have it on right now for the third time.

It is absolutely phenomonal what you are getting from such a small orchestra. It is really a great recording. The only conclusion I am able to come to is that man for man and woman for woman you have the best collection of musicians on the Peninsula.


Recording of Brahms 4th by Foothill OrchestraJune 17, 2000  [view entire review]

Directed by Michael Paul Gibson, it is a community orchestra organized only two years ago. What distinguishes it is that it is a "pocket" orchestra with a big orchestra sound. Operating with roughly half the conventional number of players in the string sections and only the bare minimum numbers in the woodwind, brass and percussion sections, it is yet able to handle creditably major orchestral works.

How it is done is to have each of the relatively few music stands staffed by only the highest quality of players and this is obviously what has made the Foothill Orchestra the very fine organization it is.

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