Review by Keith Kreitman - via Email on listening to CD (3/1/02)

Regarding the “Star Spangled Bonanza” concert, 12/15/01

“Benefit concert for September 11th victims and heroes.”

         I listened to the CDs and all I can say is that if the concert was
as good as it sounds on the records, it must have been superb. Your wife's performance of the Mozart was excellent and the combined choruses sounded great. You should be proud of what you have put together. The only thing I could have done without was the trombone number.
         Interestingly, while listening to "Bald Mountain," I got a call from
Dr. Eric Kujawsky, whose Redwood Symphony is undoubtedly the best in the area. He asked about it and I told him what a fine group you had developed, but it was sad that you were preceded by so many other orchestras that have been sopping up the audiences.
         He said, "Keith. That is exactly the same thing they said when we
         So, hopefully, I may be too pessimistic and you will get the size of audiences that you deserve.
         I will do anything I am able to help.

Kindest regards, Keith

2nd E-mail after listening to the CD again:

Michael: In rehearing the CD's I am even more impressed with Susan Williams' performance and the whole orchestra, especially the woodwinds, in general. It is still amazing what you get out of such a small gathering of strings and minimals in the other sections. The solo clarinetist is particularly impressive.