Recommendation from Michael Paul Gibson


"Simply the finest!"

Michael Paul Gibson      TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Mrs. Susan Williams

Susan has worked with me as piano accompanist, teacher, cellist, and partner for the past 16 years.  I have had the privilege of working with many great world-class musicians over the past 40+ years and Susan is one of the finest musicians I have ever known and worked with. 

Along with her stellar teaching and accompanying abilities, she is the finest piano music sight-reader around.  Susan has the ability to enhance every performance, raising the musical, rhythmical, and emotional levels from just excellent performance up to exceptional performance!

Susan also has the wonderful ability to relate in harmony and love with children - of all ages!  She has successfully taught children and adults who have found it difficult to study with other teachers.  Susan has an uncanny and enviable way of handling every challenging situation with each and every student, thus keeping students, parents, and family all equally happy with the results.  The major pile of presents she receives from students and parents at Christmas time is a testament to how well liked and appreciated she is by her students and families.

Susan Williams is “Simply the finest.!”

I will be glad to answer any further queries which you may have.


Michael Paul Gibson
Music Director and Conductor
Silicon Valley Symphony


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