Review by Keith Kreitman - via Email on listening to CD (6/13/00)

“Dear Michael:

I have listened to your CD of the Tchaikovsky 5th. In fact, I have it on right now for the third time.

It is absolutely phenomonal what you are getting from such a small orchestra. It is really a great recording. The only conclusion I am able to come to is that man for man and woman for woman you have the best collection of musicians on the Peninsula.

It is really sad that there is so much competition on the Peninsula that getting recognition and audiences are still such a challenge.    I hope my review will help you, somewhat. And, perhaps my TV show later will help also. It is a shame for such a great company of musicians not to fill an auditorium. But, I have been pushing for Peninsula talent to be heard in my reviews and TV shows and am being told that it is helping.

I believe your review should appear this Thursday in the San Mateo County Times (see June 10, 2000). I wish I had know sooner, I would have done one for the Los Altos Town Crier.

Kindest regards, Keith”