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2009 Arabian Nights SVS Concert

“Marvelous concert - wonderful program” Jeanne McCann

It was a treat playing with the orchestra Jim Aikin

“enjoyed it immensely - fabulous music - it was a real  delight”  Nancy

“They said they enjoyed our concert as much, if not more than the S.F. concert..”  Hilda Hodges

“Our guest, an avid symphony patron, loved it as well.” Betty Ulrich

“a really beautiful concert” Shirley Huang

Prodigy & Pops SVS Concert

“Blockbuster!! What a great performance last Night.”  Paul Nyberg

“Really a very good concert.  It confirms my opinion that you are a terrific director.” Keith Kreitman

“fine performance...very impressive on many levels.  huge turnout” Peter Gelfand

“Thank you for such an incredible, fun, awesome concert.”  Nat Collins

“congratulate you on the high standard of performance...programing was first rate” John and Sophie Chang

absolutely terrific... just loved the "mini maestros" too!  Carolyn McCoid

The Planets SVS Concert


“I can't remember when I've heard such a terrific concert”

“ of the best symphonic concerts we ever attended”

“...I loved the whole program”

“...the musical selections were excellent, along with the quality of the orchestra members.”

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert...”

“...the recording sounds wonderful, it is surprising to hear all the instruments so well...”

Soli & Sorcery

“...what a Glorius night!!!”

“... Christine is the eight wonder...”

“What a great concert...!”

“...we were so impressed!”

“...joyful energy permeated the entire venue!”

“...Christine... charming, tallented, prodigy...”

“I never had so much fun at a symphony...”

“Thank you for the most memorable evening!”

Poulenc N' Pipes


Last night's concert was fantastic!  First, I got emotionally wrenched by the Poulenc concerto (wonderful playing by Margaret) - God, what visions of death are in there! - then carried up into a different sphere by a sublime L'Apre-Midi. Congratulations on a wonderful performance and a full house as well. What an emotional rollercoaster! Thanks for the experience!”

Lothar Bandermann (Organist and Famous Composer)

Great Scott! N' The Wright Stuff!

Words can hardly describe how much I enjoyed the June 3rd performance.

The entire orchestra performed so well. I've never seen so many smiles on the faces of musicians during a concert. It was obvious they enjoyed the evening as much as the audience. That they are unpaid makes the performance extremely special. It's like enjoying a rare treat from next door neighbors who happen to have outstanding talent.” David Cameron

“I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the "Silicon Valley Symphony" Saturday night...  The program choices were all outstanding and particularly to my liking. It truly was a very spirit filled evening and a blessing for me.” Joan Arnst

“It was a Glorious Concert!!!  Everything about it was elegant & superb.  You really know how to put everything together - the music, musicians  and that fantastic man, singer, actor, Joseph Wright!”  Loretta Faulkner

Hey!  Figaro!  SVS Concert

“The concert was wonderful. I so enjoyed the entire performance. It's a small group but capable of shaking the walls with ease.  To enjoy a live performance of this caliber at any price would be worth it. But to pay only 20 bucks is an absolute steal. What a bargain, and what a treat. My thanks and appreciation to all for the hard work, dedication and talent.”  David Cameron

“We sat in the first row right in front of Joseph Wright.  The entire concert was exciting, but it was especially thrilling being in the blast zone of Joseph.  Please keep up the great work.  You are a wonderful asset to the South Bay Area.” Paul Dueweke

I probably have never before been so glad that I had invited friends  to come to a concert. Joseph Wright was fantastic, and the atmosphere was phenomenal...


Foothill Orchestra



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